As the cyber world grows by the second, it radically alters the way transactions are conducted across the business spectrum. With all the technology powered benefits attached to digitized functionality, there's also a flip side. It's manifested in the form of data management, security and continuum.

CyberPact Solutions is a new age enterprise rendering exhaustive solutions in the vital areas of data collection, storage, interpretation and optimized management. The organization specializes in formulating and deploying a wide range of tools and applications with cross platform capabilities to optimize the functionality of businesses. CyberPact leverages innovative methodologies, emerging technologies and out of the box approach to deliver solutions that are comprehensive, safe and easy to adopt.


In perennial pursuit of perfection

Welcome to our world. A unique yet unifying ecosystem of comprehensive cyber security assessment, design and deployment. We are CyberPact Solutions a technology powered cyber security consulting firm. Apart from offering core solutions in the ambit of cyber security & data management, our expertise also spans allied areas including privacy planning, incident response and information security training services.

Our functionality is powered by a seasoned team of process and technical experts with rich hands on experience in the wider domain of cyber security. We leverage skilled expertise and rich experience to comprehensively define, build and execute Security Development Lifecycle (SDL/SDLC) solutions across the larger business spectrum. Our expertise optimizes the functionality of diverse technical domains, mobile platforms (Android and iOS), desktop client applications, web applications and modern cloud platforms. The defining feature of all CyberPact solutions is their ability to enable businesses to identify and address security vulnerabilities in advance. This in turn empowers businesses to build and deliver secure products irrespective of time and terrain constraints.


To evolve into a comprehensive technology powered platform that facilitates end to end digitization of business transactions across diverse domains in India by delivering world class cyber security and data management solutions.


To devise, design and deploy affordable, easy to integrate cyber security solutions for fully enabling a digitized India Incorporated.


What is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)?

Both are security services that focus on identifying vulnerabilities in the network, server and system infrastructure; Vulnerability Assessment focuses on internal organizational security, while Penetration Testing focuses on external real-world risk.

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

It's a rapid automated review of network devices, servers and systems to identify key vulnerabilities and configuration issues; it is generally conducted within the network on internal devices and its low cost enables firms to carry it out as often as every day.

What is Penetration Testing?

It's an in-depth expert-driven activity focused on identifying various possible routes an attacker could use to break into a specific network; it identifies the extent of damage and further internal compromise in case of a cyber intrusion.